Brauer Design | About BDCO
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No large office spaces and painted BMW’s in the lobby. Less overhead is more when providing a higher value to our clients.


Listen, collaborate, harness, design, execute. The process is clear and high quality is paramount.


We can complete all (well…) tasks. Print, web and everything in between. Kitchen sink included.


We understand that having multiple communication levels adds unnecessary time to projects. We keep it simple and direct for streamlined execution.


Why house a full-service team? We don’t. Instead we pull from a trusted team of talent (Strategist, Writer, Developer…) when the time is right. Why pass those costs on to you?! We agree…so we don’t.


Cheesy line coming in 3-2-1…”We love what we do and we love what you do.” Like we said above, success should be mutual and that is our goal.


Why get nickel and dimed by agencies who are passing the overhead costs onto you? BDCO believes in a lean value model where we pull from a team of trusted & talented people, experts in their given skill, and hand craft a project team for any project you may need completed.